Tips for promoting Snapshot Week

In the community:

  • Distribute posters (included in toolkits and available online) to places where people often wait, such as laundromats and banks.
  • Send a press release to the local newspaper (template available online).
  • Add the date and details to the market’s email signature line.
  • Ask whoever assembles the market’s newsletter to include details, including photos/memes if possible.
  • Let your shoppers know several weeks ahead, at market, what the plan is. Let them know Snapshot Week will be a fun time and their participation will help make it great! Frame it as a market celebration! It is!

Social media promotion – #MEsnapshotweek:

Hashtagging: Hashtags act as flags to get your posts noticed by a new audience. The Snapshot Week hashtags can be used across various social media platforms.

  • Hashtags make it easy for others to find your pictures, and may also help your page pick up more followers.
  • #MEsnapshotweek is specific to this project. Using it will help get your posts noticed.
  • There will be small cards in the Snapshot Week toolkit to give out to market shoppers, reminding them of some of the descriptive tags.
  • #lovemainemarkets and #farmersmarketsfeedme are two year-round local hashtags to use any time and all the time!.


  • Update your market’s cover photo (available on our website)
  • Create an event for Snapshot Week, and invite the market’s mailing list.
  • Share MFFM’s memes leading up to the event to generate interest.
  • Repeatedly encourage market members to share posts related to Snapshot Week on their own pages.
  • Tag people in photos whenever possible, and encourage followers of your page to tag people as well (be sure your page’s settings are adjusted to let anyone tag photos)
  • Tag market members’ farms/businesses in posts about Snapshot Week (just type the @ symbol and the business name, then choose it from the list that pops up)
  • Consider engaging your followers with an open-ended question like, “What’s your favorite market memory?”
  • Tag MFFM in your Snapshot Week photos (or any time!) so we can follow along and repost: @Mainefarmersmarkets


  • Post pics of Snapshot Week preparation (have someone pose with something from the toolkit, take a pic of someone posting posters, etc….)
  • Tag MFFM in your Snapshot Week photos: @Mainefarmersmarkets


  • Twitter is a good tool for sharing news stories, talking points, and data.
  • Tweet a link to your market’s Snapshot Week event online on on Facebook.
  • Tag MFFM in your posts so we can follow and repost: @FarmersMkts4ME