Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week 2019

During National Farmers’ Market Week, August 4-10, 2019, farmers’ markets across the state will participate in the 4th annual Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week. This is a chance to celebrate our statewide network of farmers’ markets by participating in a common effort to tell our market’s stories, share photos, and shower shoppers with prizes and attention!

Snapshot Week at a glance:

We’ll be promoting Snapshot Week to the public through a variety of media during July and early August. Each market can decide its own degree of involvement. Joining in is a great way to celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week (which takes place the same week), and take advantage of our statewide farmers’ market promotion.

Participating markets will receive free promotional materials (stickers, tattoos, social media graphics) and enjoy the benefits of a network-wide event. MFFM will be conducting a photo competition among shoppers with prizes that include market gift certificates, bags of coffee (#Lovemainemarkets blend from Storibord Coffee) Common Ground Country Fair tickets, and other farmers’ market swag.

Click here to sign your market up to receive free tattoos, raffle materials, and more!

A note on data collection: There will be no data collection/surveying taking place for the 2019 Snapshot Week event.

Online resources for Snapshot Week:

How do markets participate?

Sign up with MFFM for a free kit containing tattoos, stickers, photo releases and photo competition entry materials to share with customers. MFFM will coordinate the prize giveaway statewide this year.  Many markets recruit a couple of volunteers to run activities and take photos at market during Snapshot Week.

This is a great week to host activities, such as special music, prize giveaways, face painting, etc.

2019 Snapshot Week Sponsors

We appreciate the support of the following sponsors for the 2019 Snapshot Week.

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry
Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Prize donations from our friends (and farmers’ market vendors) at:
Storibord Coffee 
Turtle Rock Farm