Photo Tips for Markets

One of the key goals of Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week is to capture MANY farmers’ market photos. We’ll be doing this in two ways:

  • Asking you and your shoppers to choose from a series of fun Snapshot Week hashtags for your social media posts.
  • Working with volunteers at your market to obtain signed media releases for at least 5 photos to email to [email protected]. Photos with accompanying signed releases (in the form of the resuable, dry erase poster; see below) may be included in the Annual Report.
  • We do not need signed releases from photos featuring market members/vendors. (Please be sure to let all members know about the project, and that photos taken that day may be used for future promotion by the market and MFFM.)

All of these photos will help promote Maine’s farmers’ markets in general, and your market in particular, so we’ll be providing some tools to help, including:

  • A list of relevant hashtags and examples of how they might be used.
  • A “best practices” photo cheat sheet for your volunteers.
  • Media release forms and tips for making that process simple.
  • Temporary tattoos to distribute to your shoppers, inspiring more market social media posts.
  • Lots of cross promotion!

We’ll provide dry-erase media release forms. Shoppers who are willing to pose for photos will simply sign the dry-erase form, and pose for a quick photo with their signature. (This will help us keep the signatures together with the right photos.) Then you can snap away, and take pictures of them posing however they wish!

Some might just pose with the #lovemainemarkets hashtag on the back of the dry-erase form.

Others might want to pose with friends:

Some will want to get creative with the “I love farmers markets!” tattoos.