Snapshot Week themes


About Snapshot Week

  • Help us tell the story of your favorite Maine farmers’ market!
  • If you haven’t experienced Maine’s farmers’ markets, now is the time!

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Let’s celebrate the fact that Maine’s farmers’ markets….  

Are UniqueTents

  • Just like Maine farms, market products are diverse and reflect Maine’s varied landscapes and farming traditions.
  • Each market offers a distinct experience for locals and tourists alike.
  • It’s easy to find nourishing and one-of-a-kind gifts for any occasion at market!
  • Thanks to the changing seasons and diverse farms of Maine, you’ll always find a surprise at your farmers’ market.

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Build ConnectionsHeart

  • Farmers’ markets offer a social space to connect with friends, socialize and mingle while you shop.
  • Markets have rich histories as local gathering places and are part of the story of their towns. Many markets have been operating continuously for decades!
  • Markets are stimulating environments for kids – they can learn who and where their food comes from and what fresh, healthy food looks and tastes like.
  • Know the story of your food! At Maine farmers’ markets, you are buying your food directly from the person who produced it.

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Fuel Maine’s economyBoard

  • Farmers’ markets are vital markets for Maine’s farmers.
  • Market farms provide jobs and livelihoods for Maine people.
  • Farms put the dollars you spend at market back into the local economy.
  • Want to support your local farmers? Introduce a friend to the food and fun at farmers’ markets.

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Nourish Healthy CommunitiesFork-&-Carrot

  • Market farmers choose plant varieties and animal breeds for flavor and nutrition (not just shipping endurance and uniformity) and love to suggest recipes and tips!
  • Markets help you have a healthy, diverse diet  – choose from a wider variety of fresh foods that will last much longer in your fridge.
  • Get the right food for the job! Farmers know which varieties and cuts will work best in your favorite dish.
  • Farmers’ markets are friendly spaces working to improve food access for all
  • Make healthy eating fun – feed your friends and family from the market!

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Are SustainableTruck

  • Does your food travel more than you? It doesn’t have to! Feel good about the local and global impact of your shopping.
  • Eating with the seasons means eating green, since more of your food comes from closer to home.
  • Buying fresh food at a farmers’ market minimizes packaging waste.

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