Snapshot Week Toolkit

In July we will be sending “toolkits” full of Snapshot Week resources to all the markets that have signed up. The kits will include the following:

  • “Getting started” – a concise list of what you or your volunteers will need to do before the big day
  • Photo tip sheet – how to take and share great photos
  • Social media tip sheet – suggestions on various ways to use social media to promote your market and Snapshot Week, plus a list of themes, talking points, and hashtags that you can use as-is or customize in your posts throughout the season
  • Maine farmers’ market coloring book pages for an easy kids’ activity (50 copies per toolkit)
  • Shopper intercept surveys, printed on postcards, ready to be filled out by shoppers
  • Vendor surveys (one for each market member)
  • Photo release form and placard (a laminated poster and dry-erase pen, ready for shoppers to sign)
  • Prizes for shoppers (temporary tattoos)