Getting started with Snapshot Week

Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week is a farmers’ market celebration from the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets. The goal is to give Maine farmers markets resources to celebrate the week (which coincides with National Farmers’ Market Week), and to use the occasion to gather feedback from shoppers and market members.

Steps to get started:

  1. Designate your market’s Snapshot Day (usually whichever day that week your market falls on, or the busiest market day that week).
  2. Inform market members that it is coming.
  3. Start mentioning Snapshot Day in your social media posts in July. (We have ready-made memes on our website, and will be adding more in the leadup to Snapshot Week.)
  4. If possible, recruit some volunteers to help on Snapshot Day. Volunteers aren’t strictly necessary, but it will help a lot to have some who can help explain the event to shoppers, distribute the surveys and prizes (temporary tattoos), and help with taking pictures.
  5. Consider planning other special events for the week, like childrens’ face painting, or live music.
  6. Markets that signed up to participate will receive a toolkit with swag to distribute to shoppers.