Bumper Crop Resources for Markets

Scroll down to watch our short training videos for market members.

New to Bumper Crop? Follow these steps:

  1. Learn about the program:
    • Watch the videos at the bottom of this page,
    • Read our FAQ for Markets to get fully oriented to the program.
    • Check out our impact report, too!
  2. Sign up! Register your market for Bumper Crop.
  3. Educate fellow market members: Share this page and share this info sheet.
  4. Get your systems ready at market for incoming vouchers. Use a form like this to track voucher redemption.
  5. Report to MFFM: Use this form to report your voucher redemption and get reimbursed. View these instructions or watch the 2nd video below to learn how to report.

Help us recruit!

Check out the Bumper Crop Website for Employers. Share it with any employer-contacts you have in your area!

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Training video – Bumper Crop 101 for all market vendors

Training video – Reporting to MFFM

See our 2022 Impact Report

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