Marketing Materials for MHB Markets

Spreading the word…

As our farmers’ markets begin to bring in the bounty, MFFM produces a host of marketing materials for our partner markets to use in all sorts of ways.  Below, you’ll find many memes for Maine Harvest Bucks farmers’ markets to use in social media or on their website.  At the bottom of the page you’ll find a press release for each market to share the good word of MHB to the world!

Please feel free to use and share these memes below.
Note: To download an image, right-click the image and click, “save image as”.

Use them soon!

Cauliflower Graphic

Harvest Season 1

Farmer Portrait – Good food is within reach.

Winter Meme 2

Harvest Season MHB MemeSimple MHB Messaging-Fall

Winter MHB promo

PDF link to SHOP NOW

Pride in MHB:


Apple a day meme:

$4 a day- solution to food insecurity:

Early June Meme

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Seedlings and MHB 2 (1)

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Blank Flyer Template with $5 Certificate