WIC Farmers’ Market Program Season Ending

In Maine, the WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program ends on October 31st. This summer program is designed to help families receiving Women, Infants, and Children food supplement benefits get fresh, local fruits and vegetables during peak season. Families in the WIC program receive $5 vouchers, which can only be redeemed directly from farmers at farmers’ markets, farm stands, mobile markets, etc… The purple, $5 Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers can only be redeemed through October 31st. (Farmers can cash the checks through the end of November.)

WIC participants can also use their green Cash Value Voucher produce checks to purchase fresh produce from farmers any time of the year. Cash Value Voucher checks may be used at supermarkets or with farmers, year round.

WIC is a federally funded, USDA program, administered in Maine by the Centers for Disease Control.