Warning regarding insurance

A message from the Farmers’ Market Coalition:

“In the past, we had heard some good reviews of Farmers Market Insurance Now. Unfortunately, it looks like the company is now defunct, and has possibly been continuing to take money from participants over the past months, without actually offering any service.

Farmers Market Insurance Now used to be associated with a group policy provider, however, the relationship has been terminated. Farmers Market Insurance Now has not notified all of its policy holders, which means there are vendors and markets out there who think they have coverage, but do not. As far as we know, Farmers Market Insurance Now is not issuing refunds and cannot be reached. We are still seeking more information on the situation.

For those of you who are suddenly in need of coverage, remember that FMC worked with Campbell Risk Management back in 2012 to help develop their farmers market insurance program. CRM is able to cover farmers markets in most states, and is able to cover vendors in all states. We also encourage you to research local insurers in your area. Take a look at FMC’s Insurance Tip Sheet for definitions and guidance.

We’ll let you know when we learn more.”