Using the word “organic” when selling at farmers’ markets

by Heather Omand, MOFGA Organic Marketing Coordinator

MOFGA encourages market members and managers to monitor the use of the term “organic” at your market.

The National Organic Program law,, requires compliance with its regulations in order to use the term organic.  If you gross more than $5,000 a year from the sale of organic products you must be certified to market your products as organic.

Certified organic producers follow rigorous requirements that are verified by a third party through an inspection process in order to gain their certified organic status.

If you have questions about whether market members are using “organic” appropriately in their signage and display, feel free to contact Heather Omand at MOFGA for help answering your questions.

Details about organic certification through MOFGA Certification Services can be found here: 

Tom Roberts adds the following information:
Several markets require applicants, if they are calling their goods “organic,” to include a copy of their organic certificate along with their application, just as they require proof of state licenses for selling processed food products.

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