Learning About Food

Maine has more than 5000 farmers and 110 summer farmers’ markets. Farms tend to be smaller than elsewhere, and more diversified (meaning each farm produces a wider array of products). This means that we can find a wealth of foods locally, whether it is somewhat exotic items like Asian greens or fresh wheat, or affordable staples like dairy products, meats, and produce.

The best way to learn about the food you see at the farmers’ market it to ask the farmer! Most are very interested in the foods they produce, and happy to share cooking and storage tips.

Good and Cheap – a free pdf of Leanne Brown’s acclaimed book on how to eat well for $4 a day. This cookbook features easy recipes using whole foods, including many that feature farmers’ market staples like root vegetables, greens, and apples.

It’s always good to have a plan when shopping for food anywhere, especially someplace with as many choices as the farmers’ market. Find some tips here: Shopping Tips

Looking for a farm stand or CSA near you? Check out the Real Maine website, which has a comprehensive listing of ME farms and their offerings.

Local Food Perspectives from Farmers, Chefs, Locavores, and Others – There are some older links and references on this page.

Videos to learn from: selected videos that teach about our food system.

Looking for some more serious reading, including books for kids, cookbooks, essays, and more? Be sure to check out MFFM’s summer reading list (perfect for winter, too!). The 2017 book suggestion list is here.

A number of organizations around Maine offer cooking classes, including at senior centers, libraries, and adult education programs. Several have statewide offerings:  Learn to Cook/ Free Cooking Classes

Recipes – We collect and share easy recipes on this page, particularly healthy, vegetable-heavy recipes. (Please send us your favorites!)

Wondering what’s in season? Produce availability varies from month to month, but this list will give you a general idea of what is typically in season during particular months. Keep in mind that the weather has a big impact on produce availability! You can expect to find a wide range of locally grown vegetables and fruit (particularly fresh apples and frozen blueberries) year round in Maine.