Recruiting farmers for our 2024 Farmers’ Market Price Report

MFFM is looking for farmers to submit their price data to the Maine Farmers’ Market Price Report for the 2024 season. We aim to recruit up to 50 producers, statewide, to share their prices. This information is valuable to multiple stakeholders including farmers, customers, and business development services. On a weekly basis, we’ll have updated pricing information available on this website. 

If you sign up, we will pay you $30 for every 5 submissions (5 weeks) of data you enter into the report. MFFM will send you an email and/or text message every Monday, requesting your price data for the previous week’s market via a link to the submission form. 

We’ve been fine tuning how we make this process as simple as possible for producers. For example, your price info will pre-populate with your previous price data, so you can quickly confirm if the prices are the same week to week.

If you’re interested, please take 1 minute to pre-register using this google form. We’ll be in touch shortly with more information to get you started for the season. 

If you’re not a farmer – Please pass this email on to other farmers at your market(s) who may be interested!