Portland Farmers’ Market seeks volunteers for covid response

In response to COVID-19, the Portland Farmers’ Market (PFM) is in need of volunteers to help ensure a safe shopping experience for all. Volunteering at the market is a critical community service that will allow scores of farmers and thousands of shoppers to keep their local market thriving. Committing to just one shift a week will be tremendously helpful.

Market Liaison Volunteers

Location: Deering Oaks Park 

Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays, Starting April 25th

Hours: 7am – 10am OR 10am – 1pm (3 hour shifts)


  1. Help direct traffic flow through designated entry and exit points
  2. Answer questions from shoppers
  3. Provide back-up support to SNAP Info Booth
  4. Assist with setup/takedown of market barriers and signage 

Thank you gifts: Choose between a PFM t-shirt, or some market tokens to spend. 

(Volunteers may of course opt out of thank you gifts.)

Want to volunteer?  

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About the Portland Farmers Market Association: The Portland Farmers’ Market is organized and run cooperatively by farmers. The market is over 250 years old, and provides a livelihood for more than 40 farms and the people they employ.

Each year, the PFM provides over $30,000 in bonus fruits and vegetables to shoppers using SNAP through its Low Income Access Program, and donates literal tons of produce to food pantries.