Plan B – when Credit/EBT devices fail

Prepare for the Rainy Days!

Here is a simple step that will save your market a lot of stress in the case of an EBT device error.  This page will explain:

  1. How to order manual vouchers
  2. Why your market should have these
  3. How to use your manual vouchers

***WARNING – Clover machines do not process manual EBT vouchers. These instructions are not applicable for Clover devices

Don’t let a faulty machine ruin the day for everyone.

Manual Vouchers

Paper Vouchers can be used when electricity is down- to continue to process EBT transactions. The process is slightly different than a regular transaction so take notes!

Print the vouchers via this link: Vouchers for print.

The importance of the vouchers

It’s not always easy or convenient for people and families who receive SNAP benefits to make it to the market.  We want to provide everyone with positive experiences, so that they’ll come back and get the best food in Maine!  Thus, this is a simple step to make sure that even when the power is down or service is faulty, we can still accommodate all shoppers.

How to use the manual voucher system?
  1. Complete the voucher carefully and have your customer sign it.
  2. Call this number for the state of Maine:  1-800-477-7640
  3. Press 1 for English; They’ll then ask for your 7 -digit FNS#
  4. On this call you are seeking “transaction approval”, where you will place a hold on the customer’s SNAP account for the amount of the transaction.  YOU’RE NOT DONE YET….(also, be sure to record the transaction as you normally would at your market booth- for you own record-keeping)
  5. If/when they ask for a voucher #, you have to make up a 7 digit number. Write it on the voucher, and enter it into the phone.
  6. The end of your phone call will provide you with an “Authorization Number” to write on the voucher- this is crucial in processing the voucher.
  7. If and when the terminal is functioning again (perhaps off-site, plugged into a land-line or when service returns) you must then key in the voucher entries;
  8. The process starts off the same, when the screen prompt states: “SELECT EBT TYPE”- choose “Voucher”.

It will then ask for
a) Accnt #- which is the EBT Card #
b) Voucher #- a number to identify the voucher, like a check #. YOU make this number up. Make sure you record it!
c) Authorization #- the number the call-in system gave you for each transaction.

Then the transaction should run through.  Remember to submit batch at the end in order for it to fully process!

Worst case scenario:

If by some circumstance the EBT terminal is not fixed and operating properly, THEN…

The manual vouchers are mailed to your Merchant Service Provider. You’ll need to call the company that you received the machine through (i.e: Dharma, Payment Spring, MarketLink) to determine how and where to mail the vouchers.