Orono Market Rules 2002

The Market rules are to be followed by all those who participate in the Orono Farmers’ Market.

  1. Membership Selection
    • The following process was adaopted in 1999.
    • Membership application deadline is March 15, fee will be $35.00.
    • Membership will be $50.00 after that date. Returning members in good standing will be automatically reinstated providing their membership forms are received by March 15, 2002.
    • There is a capacity of 30 members.
    • If a member does not attend any market during the season, they will be considered as a new member the following year.
    • The Steering Committee also has the duties of membership selection. In other words, the Steering Committee is the Membership Committee. The membership selection process, including voting, however, is open to all members. The yearly work of membership selection is the stated duty of a core group, but the process will be as democratic as the members wish to make it.
    • In March, the Secretary will send to all current members a list of prospective applicants and the date, time and place of the meeting at which the selections will be made. The selections will be based on what best meets the needs of the market and its customers. The number of available memberships each year will be 30, less the number of returning members. The Secretary will notify the prospective applicants of their status.
    • The Membership Committee will decide whether applications received after the deadline shall be voted on by the membership, a 2/3 vote being necessary for acceptance. Late applications shall be considered on the basis of value to the market.
    • A completed membership form constitutes agreement to obey all rules and by-laws of the Association. Membership forms should be returned to: Maribeth Ritchie, PO Box 83, Charleston ME 04422. Deadline for joining the market is March 15, 2002.
  2. Locations and times
    • The market will be open from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm on Saturdays beginning May 11, 2002 and ending November 16, 2002.
    • The market will be open 2:00 pm until 5:30 pm Tuesdays from July 9, 2002 and end October 29, 2002
    • The Market will be held on the Steam Plant Parking Lot, College Avenue, University of Maine, Orono.
  3. Dues
    • Annual, regular: A non-refundable dues of $35 is payable with your membership form. Prospective members should pay their dues when they have been notified of their selection. Checks should be made payable to Orono Farmer’s Market and mailed to: Maribeth Ritchie, PO Box 83, Charleston, ME 04422.
    • Daily dues are $5.00 per Tuesday and $5.00 per Saturday and payable to the Market Manager at the beginning of each market day.
  4. Processed food, scales
    • Handicrafts are not allowed at this market. However, yarn, dried flowers, and other intermediate products are permissable. The Steering Committee will decide the eligibilty of borderline or “gray area” products on a case by case basis, but members are encouraged to honor the spirit of the market as primarily oriented toward homegrown and processed food.
    • All producers of home-processed items such as honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies, relishes and home-canned goods are required by law to obtain the proper licenses from the Department of Agriculture.
    • A state scale inspector may visit the market during the season to check the accuracy of your scales.
  5. No Buy Rule
    • In order to ensure the freshest and highest quality produce at the farmers’ market, and to assure customers thay are dealing directly with the farmers, members must sell only products the make or grow themselves. This is very important at the Orono Farmers’ Market. Buying products for resale at the market will not be allowed, except from another member attending the market that day.
    • Items offered for sale must be fresh and of the highest quality.
    • Emergency Clause: If a member is unable to make it to the market, another member may sell the products of the absent member. This may only happen three times during a season and the identity of the absent member must be made clear to the customer.
    • Farm visits by member volunteers will be made as needed to ensure a member’s production of what is being offered for sale. Every new member will have a farm visit. Also, one third of the membership will be visited each year to build neighborliness and to keep up to date with members changing and expanding products.
  6. Products
    • If a secondary product becomes primary, you must have permission from the Steering Committee.
  7. Signs
    • All members must display signs that display their name and address in a prominent manner every day they are at market.
  8. Setting up at Market
    • All displays should be neat and tasteful.
    • Only one vehicle is allowed to be set up at a time.
    • Maintenance by members of a clear walkway for customers to move from one vendor to another without obstruction is important and will be enforced by the Market Manager.
    • Members must park their vehicles in a safe and space-efficient manner. Generally, it works best to leave enough space between your setup and the next member’s so the customers do not become confused as to whose goods are whose.
  9. Presentations
    • Members must present themselves in an appropriate manner, dress, and state of cleanliness.
    • Shirts must be worn.
    • Members should behave in a cooperative manner with other members.
    • Consumption of alcoholic beverages by members at market is prohibited.
    • No hawking or calling out to atract buyers to your good is permitted.
  10. Picking up
    • It is a condition of our use of this site that the market will leave the lot exactly as we find it each day. All trach generated by the market must be cleaned up by the members.
  11. Violation of the rules
    • Upon receiveing a complaint that a member has violated a rule, the Chairperson shall appoint three members to investigate the complaint. If the majority of these members find that a violation has occurred, the Steering Committee, a quorum of which shall be considered four of its members, shall meet to consider the report of the investigation committee. If the Steering Committee, by a majority vote of those present, find that a violation has taken place, it may cancel the membership of the accused member.
    • Any member subject to such action, will be notified and given the opportunity to answer the charge at the meeting of the Steering Committee called to consider such charges.

Sunday, January 20, 2002.

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