North Berwick Market Rules 2010

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Bolded items denote a change from 2011 rules.

  1. Apply with the North Berwick Farmers Market.
  2. Location is the Town Hall Parking Lot, North Berwick, Maine.
  3. 2012 Season is from May 4, 2012 through October 26, 2012.
  4. Time and Day is Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  5. Vendors may stay longer if there are customers after 6pm.
  6. Reside and Produce in Maine or New Hampshire
  7. Update Licenses and file with the President/Manager.
  8. Maintain attractive and clean displays.
  9. Display easily visible prices for the products with you at the market. It must be clear to customers the specific products you are selling each market day and the prices for those products. Products you plan to have at a future market date should be clearly identified as not with you now but will be at a specific future date. Display a sign with your business/farm name and location.
  10. Arrive at the market by 2:45 (earlier if your set-up is longer) to be ready at 3 when the market opens, participate in site set-up, breakdown, and clean up. The NBFM parking lot lease with the town of North Berwick is from 2:00-6:30 pm.
  11. Stay until the market closes at 6pm.
  12. Open rain or shine. At the discretion of the Market Manager, the market may close due to dangerous weather.
  13. Dogs on leashes and under control are allowed.
  14. Vendors may include for sale on their table locally-grown produce or locally-made products from another NBFM member in good standing (as defined by market members) with that product clearly labeled with the NBFM member’s name.
  15. Accept EBT customers and EBT payment process unless vendor does not sell produce/product that is able to be purchased with food stamps.
  16. In order to reduce conflict between members and to avoid any disorientation of customers, each member will be assigned a parking space by the Market Manager at the beginning of the season. Members are expected to respect this arrangement and set up in their allocated space. If a member is not in attendance for a market day, adjacent vendors may move into the space to fill in the hole and maintain the continuity of the market. If a member’s absence becomes routine, their space may be permanently reallocated so that continuity is maintained at the market.

Produce and Plants

  • All produce, fruit, flowers, and plants must be grown or wild gathered in Maine or New Hampshire by the Vendor. Buying product for resale at our Market is prohibited.
  • Post harvest handling should consider sanitation, cleanliness, and high quality. Produce that appears rotten, spoiled, moldy, improperly sprayed, or otherwise unfit for human consumption may not be brought to the market and offered for sale.
  • Growers who apply pesticides must follow the labeled directions as to the target pest, crop, application rate, and post application harvest withdrawal period. Non-certified organic vendors must maintain the same records as certified organic vendors (as determined by MOFGA, the certifying agent of the Dept of Agriculture) and have these records available at the market.
  • Plant growers and any vendor selling plants at the Market must have a copy of their Maine Nursery License on file with the Market.

Processed, Dairy, and Baked Goods

  • All vendors selling processed baked goods must have their processing facility in Maine or New Hampshire and be licensed by the Maine Department of Agriculture. Copies of all pertinent licenses must be on file with the Market.
  • The vendor must process all dairy products in a Dairy compliant facility in Maine or New Hampshire. They must be transported and displayed in accordance with Maine Agriculture Guidelines. All dairy licenses must be updated and on file with the Market.
  • Jams and acidulated foods major ingredients must be processed in Maine or New Hampshire. All fruits, vegetables, and herbs must be Maine or New Hampshire grown.
  • All baked goods must be made by scratch by the Vendor in Maine or New Hampshire. All home-processed or baked products should use fresh product from the vendor or a local farmer in Maine or New Hampshire. No commercially frozen, canned, or pre-mixed ingredients are allowed.


  • Meats and eggs must be raised by the vendor in Maine or New Hampshire.
  • Meats and eggs must be packaged, transported, and displayed in accordance with Maine Agriculture Guidelines.
  • Seafood must be caught by a fisherman or lobster whose residence and license is in Maine or New Hampshire.
  • All seafood must be packaged, transported, and displayed in accordance with Maine Agriculture Guidelines.


  • Crafts are not allowed at a true Farmers Market. However, yarn, dried flowers, beeswax products and other intermediate products are permissible if raised or wild gathered by the vendor. The North Berwick Farmers Market Association will decide on any “gray area” crafts on a case-by-case basis but should be encouraged to honor the spirit of a market primarily oriented toward locally-grown and processed foods.
  • Members who sell produce, processed goods, or meats and seafood may also sell their crafts, but shall dedicate no more than 15% of their display space to crafts.

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