Maine Farmers’ Market Convention 2016


The Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets will host the 8th Annual Maine Farmers’ Market Convention, January 31st, 2016 at the Maple Hill Inn in Hallowell. The convention is a prime opportunity for farmers, market organizers, and community partners to network, attend workshops, and learn about new resources in the field. Nearly 100 farmers, vendors, market managers, and community partners are expected to attend from all over the state. Join us to network, share ideas, and learn new ways to maximize your farmers’ market experience.

Sessions for the 2016 Farmers’ Market Convention Get Directions to Maple Hill Inn

Register for the Convention

Register online below (please note that your browser must have cookies enabled for online registration) or via email by contacting [email protected]. Questions about registration? Please call 487-7114.

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The conference program covers topics that will be of interest to both market managers and vendors. There are a total of 12 topics throughout the day, with 3 running concurrently during each of 4 sessions.  There is plenty of networking time built into the schedule as well, including over a light breakfast in the morning (7:45-8:30) for the early birds,  during lunch, and during a half hour break and refreshment period during the afternoon. We’ve assembled the topics based on feedback from last year’s conference, as well as conversations at Maine markets throughout the year.

Who should attend?

  • Market members (direct-selling farmers)
  • Market managers
  • Policy Makers
  • State Agencies, Nonprofits and Food Access Partners


This is the third year the conference will take place at the Maple Hill Farm Inn and Conference Center in Hallowell, Maine. Conveniently located just outside of Augusta, the conference center is known for its beautiful setting, comfortable amenities, and excellent food. The conference center is easy to find thanks to excellent signage along the way.

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Past Convention Recap

Past conference attendees have enthused about the programming, making comments such as:

“I have much more ‘big picture’ info that I feel will empower me as a local foods advocate.”
“I thought the conference was one of the best I have attended in ages. I won’t miss another one! ”
“Liked the conversation with people who have the same experiences and problems we have. ”
“So thankful I chose to come learn, converse and broaden my horizons at this conference. Can’t wait until next year.”
“I have come to the convention every year. Getting the chance to meet and interact with other vendors and managers, get ideas for making the market better, connect with our community better, and deal with management issues has strengthened our markets ten-fold!”
“Every year I learn something to take back to my market to implement.”
“I got very specific info that I will take to vendors at our annual meeting – info that will inform my meeting, the selectmen, and Town Manager next week!”
“The convention has given me knowledge and skills that will be immediately useful to day-to-day and long-term operations of my market. I made connections at the convention that will improve my business.”

(If you are curious about past conventions, visit our archives for more information.)


If your organization would like to sponsor the convention, please call 487-7114 or email [email protected] for more information.We are very grateful to our sponsors, who make it possible to keep registration fees affordable while enjoying excellent programming in a comfortable setting. Please join us in thanking:

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