Lewiston Farmers’ Market Association By-Laws 2004


This organization shall be known as the Lewiston Farmers’ Market Association.


The mission of the Lewiston Farmers’ Market Association is to create, promote, and operate an open­air farmers market in downtown Lewiston that will provide residents access to fresh, nutritious food, encourage community activity in Lewiston’s downtown, and stimulate public interest and awareness in local farm products, thereby supporting local agricultural producers and rural life in Maine.

This Association is responsible for setting market rules and guidelines for vendors participating in the Lewiston Farmers’ Market.


Any home gardener, farmer, or producer with Maine homegrown or homemade products shall be eligible for membership in the organization by agreeing to abide by the by­laws and established rules of operation. Members will be allowed to sell after paying membership fees, provided the market has not reached capacity. Only those who participate in the market will be considered members; i.e. membership will not be granted to those on the waiting list. The right to vote on any matter shall be restricted to members in good standing with this Association.


The Board of the Lewiston Farmers’ Market Association will be made up of four officers and at least one member­at­large. The general membership of the Association will elect from within the membership a Market Administrator, Secretary, Treasurer, and Market Master and at least one (1) but no more than three (3) members­at­large to serve on the Board. One (1) seat shall be reserved specifically for a resident of downtown Lewiston. Officers shall serve a term of one year, and shall be elected at the annual membership meeting.

Section 1 ­ Duties of the Board.

The Board will be responsible for (1) overseeing the operation of the market, and setting policy for the Association; (2) arranging all meetings of the general membership; (3) general administration of the Association’s activities, including power to authorize the Treasurer to pay bills approved by the Board; (4) appointing special committees as needed; (5) advertising and promotion by newspapers, radio, television, or other means and may request support from various municipalities for promoting the successful operation and expansion of the market; (6) investigation of any suspicion of questionable practices or violation of market rules employed by any seller. If verified, the Board is authorized to immediately enforce corrective action, or cancel the offender’s membership.

The Board shall meet as necessary on the call of the Market Administrator, or in their absence, the Market Master. In the case of vacancy on the Board, The Board may appoint an interim member to said vacancy between annual meetings, after notifying the full membership.

Section 2 ­ Duties of the Officers.

Market Administrator. The Market Administrator shall be responsible for (1) setting the agenda and presiding at all meetings of the Association and Board, and shall have general supervision of the business of the Association; (2) calling regular or special meetings and attending to all administrative duties expected of such an officer; (3) actively advertising and promoting the market; and (4) pursuing grants or other funding for market promotions or improvements.

Market Master. The Market Master shall be responsible for (1) handling immediate situations concerning the market, including resolving conflicts among members/vendors, and resolving consumer complaints; (2) ensuring the market area stays clean and vendors abide by market rules; (3) assisting vendors in compliance with all State and Federal rules and regulations; and (4) making deposits and writing checks in the absence of the Treasurer. In addition, at Board meetings, the Market Master shall attend to the duties of the Market Administrator in his/her absence.

Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for (1) keeping record of all meetings and sending out meeting notices, minutes, and other information to the general membership as directed by the Board; (2) polling members by phone when such votes are necessary; and (3) performing other duties as directed by the Board.

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for (1) maintaining custody of all funds of the Association; (2) receiving and giving receipts for all monies due and payable; (3) keeping record of all dues and other money received from the market operation; (4) recording any money paid out and report on the foregoing, whenever requested; (5) depositing, in a timely manner, all monies received in a bank account authorized by the membership; and (6) signing checks upon authorization of the Board.


There shall be an annual meeting of the full Association membership, at which time new officers will be elected and the market rules and Association By­Laws may be reviewed and/or amended. This meeting shall be held in the late fall, after the end of the market season, and is encouraged to be a potluck­style meeting. The Board will set the date of this meeting by September 30. Notice of the meeting and a meeting agenda, including all proposed amendments, must be sent so that members receive notice at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.

All matters brought before the Association at a duly authorized meeting shall be decided by a majority vote. A quorum of at least 25% of general membership is required to conduct business. Votes shall carry by a simple majority of those present at the meeting. The Administrator shall not vote unless there is a tie, in which case, the Administrator will cast the deciding vote. Members in good standing shall have the privilege of voting at all association meetings. Each vendor membership shall have one and only one vote.


Each member shall have the right to examine, for any reasonable purpose, the books, records, roster of membership and other appropriate records of the Association.


The annual dues and daily market fees for the next market year shall be proposed by the Board annually and approved by the membership. In no case shall market members be allowed to attend market without having first paid their annual dues. Daily market fees shall be paid by the end of each market day.

The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on January 1st and end on December 31st.


The articles and by­laws outlined may be amended in whole or in part by a simple majority vote of members present at any regular or special meeting, providing that the proper two­week advance notice of such revision or amendment was included in the call of the meeting.


In the event of liquidation or dissolution, all remaining funds in the Association’s treasury shall be distributed to current members, regardless of chronology of such patronage, on the basis of respective patronage contributions as shown on the books and records of the Association, insofar as practicable, and after satisfying all debts and other obligations of the Association.

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