Introducing Maine Harvest Bucks’ Sister Retail Brand: Farm Fresh Rewards


The nutrition incentives family in Maine is gaining a new member! Farm Fresh Rewards is now the title for nutrition incentives at small, locally-focused retail stores in Maine. You can still find Maine Harvest Bucks at participating direct-to-consumer locations like farm stands, CSA’s, and farmers’ markets. Our friends at Maine Farmland Trust have recently rolled out the new branding at their participating stores.

Nutrition incentives like Maine Harvest Bucks and Farm Fresh Rewards are stretching the budgets and improving food access for thousands of Mainers experiencing food insecurity. This work is vital to addressing hunger in our state, with the THIRD lowest ranking in very low food security nationwide. The awareness we’ve been building around the Maine Harvest Bucks, and now Farm Fresh Rewards, will continue to grow. MFFM is working to build a vibrant farmers’ market community that is accessible to all Mainers, and nutrition incentive programming is a critical tool to accomplish this vision.

In 2018. MFFM will be implementing Maine Harvest Bucks at dozens of sites statewide, including farm stands! Contact or for more information. (Also ask us about Maine Harvest Bucks at mobile farm stands operated by Cultivating Community, CSA farms supported by MOFGA, and St. Mary’s Nutrition Center’s Good Food Bus!)