Fundraising for SNAP and Maine Harvest Bucks in 2018

Small markets

Raffle at Houlton Community Market with goodies from all the vendors.

The majority of the MHB markets have less than $500 in redemption from April to June. For these markets, fundraising may be as simple as:

  • Start a fundraiser on your FB page
  • Ask friends, family, regular shoppers, local stores, a church, local nonprofits;
  • Dine out to donate: engage the restaurant community; these are often win-wins when restaurants donate 5-25% of net sales to your cause.
  • Contact town or city officials, request funding;
  • Raffle products or gift baskets at your market
  • Request donations for the program on your shopping sheets
  • Host a fundraiser at your market!
  • Share your plans with MFFM! We’ll happily promote it.

Larger markets

  • See above small markets tactics
  • Reach out to local banks regarding possible sponsorship
  • Connect with local hospitals, community health clinics, doctors and dentist offices
Steep Falls FM had a fundraiser this past October for MHB.

Use these resources!

Wholesome Wave Fundraising Ideas List

Fundraising Handout from MFFM 2018 Convention.

10 Ways to Fund Your SNAP/EBT Program- FMC

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