FM Tracks Updates- April 2018

MHB redemption in FM Tracks will now be tracked under the “Vendor Reimbursement” tab (the one between the “Transactions” tab and “Post Market” tab).

See the graphic below and reference each number:

1- this indicates where the Vendor Reimbursement Tool (tab) is located.

2- under Vendor name, you can put “ALL VENDORS”.

3- this is where you’ll list the TOTAL Maine Harvest Bucks incentive REDEMPTION.

You are not required to record credit/debit transaction totals. Just record SNAP/EBT transaction totals, along with # of SNAP/EBT Transactions.

At the bottom of the page (off screen in the above image) is the final step- “SUBMIT REIMBURSEMENT”.

Keep using Post Market Reports to log all other market day information.

If you’re struggling with this new addition to FM Tracks, please don’t hesitate to call Jimmy for a walk-through. 

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