FINI Funding to Begin in June

According to Wholesome Wave and Maine Farmland Trust, final details about the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive funding will probably be released the first week of June. The participating markets will each be working with a partner from the Maine Local Food Access Network. The partner organizations will be arranging contracts or MOUs (memoranda of understanding) with each market. (Be sure to read those contracts carefully, because they will spell out how the funding can be used, what the market needs to keep track of, and more.)

Markets that are ready can begin offering the incentives as soon as June 15th. Those markets that are starting or re-starting program might want to check the resources on our “Low Income Access” page. And remember, thanks to a grant we received last winter, MFFM has free lawn signs for markets that point to the market and note, “EBT Accepted.” (If your market needs signs, give us a call at 487-7114.)

Remember, the FINI funds canMFFMebt_yardsign_sm-2-300x225 only be applied to fruits and vegetables. Also keep in mind that we have to track this funding carefully, and report how it is used directly to Wholesome Wave. The tracking can be done on paper and then entered online later, or it can be entered into an iPad at the market. (Here’s the manual tracking form) Keep in mind that much of the data requested in the form is optional. Wholesome Wave understands that busy markets won’t be able to track this level of detail. However, all markets accepting FINI funding will need to report on how much SNAP sales they have each week, how many dollars of incentives redeemed, how many SNAP-eligible vendors were at the market, how many produce vendors, etc…)

Here is the list of FINI partners for the farmers’ markets. Stay tuned for more news about FINI from your partner organization in early June!


Partner Organization Farmers’ Market Contact person Contact Email
Cultivating Community Lewiston Kennedy Park Farmers’ Market Stephanie Aquilina
Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets (MFFM) Bangor FM /Bangor Winter Leigh Hallett
Food AND Medicine Brewer/Penobscot FM  Jack McKay
FAM Ellsworth FM/ Ellsworth winter
FAM Ohio Street FM-Bangor
Healthy Acadia/Maine Farmland Trust Bar Harbor Eden Shannon Grimes
HA/MFT Bucksport Bay Farmers’ Market
HA/MFFM Eastport – Sunrise County
HA/MFFM Blue Hill FM (Fairground)
HA/MFFM Calais- Sunrise County
Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets Augusta FM at Mill Park Leigh Hallett
MFFM Dover Cove FM
MFFM Norway FM
MFFM Portland FMA/ Portland Winter
MFFM Princeton FM
MFFM Skowhegan FM/ Skowhegan Winter
MFFM Waterville/ Waterville Winter
MFFM Fairfield FM
MFFM Hermon FM
MFFM Houlton Community Market (pending)
MFFM Madison FM
Maine Farmland Trust Belfast FM/Belfast Winter Shannon Grimes
MFT North Berwick
MFT Sanford & Springvale
MFT Unity Market Day
Access Health/ St. Mary’s Nutrition Center (SMNC) Bath FM Colleen Fuller
AH/SMNC Brunswick Topsham Land Trust FM (Crystal Springs)
Saint Mary’s Nutrition Center Bethel FM Sherie Blumenthal
SMNC Gardiner FM
SMNC Lewiston FM at Bates Mill/ Lewiston Winter
SMNC River Valley Farmers’ Market
SMNC Poland Farmers Market