Farmer’s Market Signs

Where are Your Farmers’ Market Signs?

Maine is largely free of the scourge of billboards, but at the cost of some fairly complex rules around signage (as recently outlined in an article in the Portland Press Herald). Fortunately, the state allows farmers’ markets more latitude than bricks-and-mortar businesses in the area of signage. Here is a summary from Chip Kelley of the Traffic Division of the ME DOT:  “Maine sign law [allows] farmer’s markets the same exemption that has long been provided to farm stands…4 off-premises directional signs, a maximum of 8 square feet in size, within a 5 mile radius. If MaineDOT Official Business Directional Signs are also used by the farmers market…the total number of signs may not exceed six. In addition, any directional signs used by farm stands or farmers markets on National Highway System roadways must be reflective. Local rule applies if it is more restrictive than state law.”

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