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Onion bags, plastic bags, wooden boxes, scales, apple ladders, scissors, clamshells, pint and quart containers, and other packaging, marketing and farm supplies.
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Cardboard Trays, Locally Produced. Need corrugated trays for your customers to use? Trays are 17¼ x 13 x 3 and is self locking… stapling required. Delivered price per / M would be $250.00 (.25 each) and the Minimum order would be 1,200 trays. For more information, contact Brian Lebel, Territory Manager, International Paper, 175 Allied Road, Auburn, Maine 04210, Cell 207-557-6081, Fax 207-784-8921, [email protected].

Organic Growers Supply . Seed envelopes, burlap bags, paper potato bags, rubber bands, bushel baskets, waxed produce boxes, plastic roll bags, mesh produce bags, cardboard berry paks, black plastic crates.
Located in Clinton, normally OGS is open Wednesdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. After January 7 through April 22 OGS will be open Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 AM to 3 PM. Directions on website. Part of Fedco Seeds. Visit their booth at the Ag Trades Show.

Associated Bag . Labels, plastic bags, 6 inch plastic twist ties, 4 inch paper twist ties in boxes of 1,000. Located in Wisconsin.

Putnam Farm . Wooden quart and pint berry packs, berry picking trays, mesh produce bags, paper potato bags, t-shirt bags, roll bags. Located in Ohio.

Fetpak, Inc. . T-shirt bags, best prices on roll bags. Located in New York.

Wasserman Bag Co., Inc. . Best prices on 10 lb., 25 lb., and 50 lb. mesh onion bags, offers both used and new in red, purple or white. Also seafood bags, potato bags, burlap and burlap bags. Prices not listed on line, you’ll need to call or email for a quote. Located on Long Island.

Cliff’s Pine Furniture. Owner Clifford Verrill, in Porter, Maine is offering assembled apple boxes (soft wood, glued and stapled) for $6 each. He is also planning to produce a peach box. Phone 207.256.4057. – suggested by Steven Bibula, Plowshares Community Farm

Rockland Food Service  (195 Park St., Rockland, ME 04841-2127, (207) 594-5443) is where I get much of my packaging supplies. They are happy to order anything I need, and they stock the standard items such as paper and plastic bags, deli paper and deli containers, herbs, etc. Their prices may be a little higher, but they completely make up for it in customer service, meeting me at the door with my order, and loading my van for me. I do have to say that I try to support local suppliers as much as possible, rather than always run to the internet and order things.” – suggested by Caitlin Hunter, Appleton Creamery

Baldwin Apple Ladders.  Maker of several types and sizes of apple ladders in Brooks, Maine. Constructed of local white ash, these ladders are quality products made to last a lifetime.

Torrington Brushes.  Located in Sarasota FL, Torrington Brushes has the most complete line of brushes that you could imagine and at pretty good prices, too.

OXO.  Spring loaded scissors anyone? OXO offers a wide range of specialty supplies for gardeners, bakers and others.

Greenfield Apple Box Factory in Greenfield, N.H. is a small family operated business that makes full and half size apple boxes and several other sizes and types of boxes from pine. They staple and glue the boxes together. Custom boxes also made. Delivery possible.

The Rite Package Company has serviced the Northeast for packaging supplies for over 35 years. Fog proof bag, which extends the shelf life of all vegetables and fruits for minimum of 10-12 days in refrigeration. Testimonials to prove their worth and samples sent upon request. Corrugated boxes in both wax and non wax, bio degradable, easy, pre-opened roll bags. Thousands of plastic bags are at least 30% cheaper than ULINE. Request a catalog(s)! Call toll free at 1-888-842-2183. 15 Camelot Circle, Dudley, MA 01571.

Wooden pot labels are manufactured by DP Industries in Vassalboro. They also offer a wide line of stakes, markers, tags, labels and signs made from wood, metal or plastic, as well as related supplies for the garden and greenhouse. is a Texas company offering exclusively American-made thermo-formed plastic items, including vented and non-vented clamshells, green mesh pint containers, corrugated trays, labels, and custom designed packaging.

Globe Bag Company, Woburn Mass. Globe has a very wide range of packaging products and will ship them by the case or bundle or by the pallet, with mixed product pallets being an option. Burlap cloth, pint and quart wooden berry baskets, clamshells, tomato boxes, waxed produce boxes, t-shirt bags, mesh bags, onion bags, potato bags, and a whole lot more. Visit their booth at the Ag Trades Show.

About Tom Roberts

When I started attending the Brewer Farmers’ Market back in August of 1983, my sole concern was being able to sell the produce my farm was growing at a good price. After attending market for a year or two, I began to realize that how the market was organized had a great impact on my sales. And how the market was organized also influenced how it made decisions about dues, new members, what could be sold at market, and how it promoted itself—and this, too, had an impact on my sales. So I got involved in the market’s steering committee and began to understand how various market members thought the market should operate. Some wanted a market czar, some wanted everyone to be allowed to do their own thing. But everyone seemed to agree that if the market as a whole did well, then so did they.