Damariscotta Farmers’ Market By-Laws 2005


The name of this organization shall be the Damariscotta Farmers’ Association.


This group has been organized on a non-profit basis for the following purposes:

1. To provide a capability for mid-coast Maine producers to present their products

directly to consumers.

2. To establish and maintain operating standards for the representation of members that

will inspire public confidence in the farmers’ market concept.

3. To provide the organization with publicity and by other techniques to assist in

promoting the sale at the market of Maine products.


1. A “member” of the Damariscotta Farmers’ Market Association shall be any production

unit which has been accepted into this organization, has paid annual membership fee, is

current in monthly participation fees, and abides by the market regulations. NOTE: Two

production units may share a single membership only if they sell from the same display

unit in one selling space, and have been approved as a single selling unit by vote of the

membership. They shall have one vote. The number of production units sharing a

membership shall not exceed two.

2. Membership in this organization is open to producers without regard to race, creed,

sex, age, disability, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual

orientation, disability, or military status.

3. Membership shall be by invitation only. Maine residents who wish to be considered

for membership shall submit to the secretary an application which includes a description

of products to be sold and dates desired for market participation. All craft applications

will be considered, however priority will be given to agricultural products. Application for

the market can be submitted on an ongoing basis and New Members will be voted in

once a year at the March Meeting for the current season.

Applications for the current

season should be submitted not later than March 1.

4. Invitation to membership will be extended to all members of the organization of the

preceding market year who have participated in 80% of the market dates for which they

committed themselves. Extenuating circumstances are to be taken into account, however.

New members are provisional until the completion of their first market season and will be

voted on at the annual meeting for full membership.

5. The right to vote on any and all matters shall be restricted to members, excluding

provisional members, in good standing with this organization. Each member shall have one


6. The membership may invite new participants to full an existing or potential shortage

of products in the market.

7. When deciding between two applicants, all things being equal, the weight of the

decision will go to the applicant who grows their own ingredients for their product.


1. There shall be meetings of membership each year to elect officers and committees.

This shall start every January on the third Friday at 9 am. Any other meetings needed

will be the third Friday of the following months at 9 am. A notice of the meetings will go

out to all members two weeks before. Any snow days will resume the following Friday.

2. Additional meetings shall be held at the call of the President or by direction of three or

more members.

3. Special meetings shall be held as provided by Article 7, Paragraph 8.

4. All meetings of this organization will be conducted in an orderly fashion.

5. Voting will take place with at least 50% of the market members present. Of those

present, a majority vote will decide market matters. . In case of a tie, the President may

cast an additional deciding vote.

6. Since the attendance of members at all meetings is important, the dues total will be

determined annually by the membership based upon the market’s budget needs, plus an

additional $60. per year. Members will receive a $20. per meeting credit for each business

meeting attended. The meetings attended tally will be provided by the Secretary or

President to each member at the last meeting in order to determine that member’s amount

due. A member absolutely unable to attend a meeting may send a representative. There

are no exceptions to this rule.


1. This organization shall be administered by a Management Committee composed of the

President, Secretary/Vice President, Treasurer, and Officers-at-Large. Each of these

officers will be elected for a term of one year at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote of

the members present.

2. The duties of the officers shall be: President a. To plan for and preside at meetings of

the organization. b. To enforce the provisions of these by-laws and all other rules set

forth by the organization. c. To maintain a “President’s Notebook” of minutes and

pertinent information for the conduct of future meetings of the organization.

Secretary/Vice President a. To record the minutes of all meetings of the organization and

provide the President with copies of the same within two weeks after a meeting. b. To

maintain an ongoing list of all members of the organization and to provide the Treasurer

the dates of planned participation. c. To provide notice of all meetings to members. d. To

act for the President in his/her absence. e. to maintain an on-going “Secretary’s Notebook”

of minutes, members’ agreements, contracts and correspondence. This shall be available at

all meetings and markets for inspection by any member. f. To record attendance at


Treasurer a. To collect all annual fees for membership and all space rental fees and to

keep a record thereof. To record market participation. b. To disperse all expenditures for

the organization and maintain a record of these expenditures. c. To prepare a financial

statement for the annual meeting. To keep books open for inspection by any member.

Officers-at-Large a. Prepare to take on one of the above offices and act as delegates of the

Association when needed.


Proceeds derived from operations shall be collected by the Treasurer and used to promote

the Farmers’ Market. Should the organization dissolve or become inoperable, any

remaining money shall be disposed of in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the



The following regulations are adopted under authority of these by-laws and accepted by

majority vote of the membership. They may be amended, added to, or deleted from only

by majority vote of the members present at a meeting called for that purpose and with

prior notification.

1. All Members shall by the 3rd Friday of March of each year shall stipulate the months

during which they plan to participate in the market; supply the market with all licenses

and permits; and shall have paid the annual membership dues as determined by the

Secretary or President. The membership dues are based on a 12 foot selling space.

2. The membership shall designate the market location, the opening and closing dates of

the market season, and the days and hours of the market by majority vote. A lease shall

be obtained for the location of the market.

3. The market will be held when scheduled regardless of the weather. Since craftmen’s

(non-food vendors) ability to sell at the market is highly vulnerable to inclement weather,

their absence in extreme weather will be excused. If a vendor can predict an absence, he

shall tell the president, who will alert the membership. In case of a non-predicted absence,

the vendor shall phone any officer, who will notify the membership upon arrival at the

market. All vendors on a given market day must stay until closing unless otherwise agreed

on that market day by all vendors participating.

4. Only Maine produced goods may be sold at the market. Vendors must produce 75%

of what volume they sell on any given market day. Buyins must be listed on the annual

application and approved by majority vote before selling them. Exceptions to this must

be approved by majority vote in advance of offering these items for sale.

5. Vendors are responsible for all legal requirements for the sale of their products. Any

license required by the State of Maine for the selling of a processed product must be

shown to the Secretary prior to selling that product.

6. Any misrepresentation of products offered at the market shall be considered cause for

dismissal from the organization.

7. At each stall: a. All vendors must identify themselves with a sign showing their names

and address. b. Products must be identified by price. c. Vendor is responsible for cleaning

up his selling space before leaving on a market day.

8. When two or more vendors on any market day believe that the selling practices of

another vendor are detrimental to the market, they may ask for a special meeting of the

membership. A majority of those present at that special meeting may require the

detrimental practices to be changed to conform to the memberships’ standards. Failure to

do so shall be cause for dismissal from the organization.



Amended April 18, 2003

Effective 2004

Amended Feb. 16, 2007

Effective 2008

Amended Feb. 19, 2010

Effective 2011

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