Arcadia Sponsors Farmers’ Markets and Food Access in Maine

Throughout the month of August, market shoppers can learn about community solar options with Arcadia

The Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets is excited to announce today that Arcadia, the climate crisis–fighting tech company giving everyone access to the tools to build a 100% clean energy future, has made a major sponsorship pledge to the Maine Harvest Bucks program. Maine Harvest Bucks is a food access program at farmers’ markets that helps thousands of Mainers access more local, healthy food options. The program has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and the sponsorship support from Arcadia will benefit hundreds of local farms and thousands of Mainers living in poverty.

The Maine Harvest Bucks program is offered at nearly 40 farmers’ markets across the state, from Presque Isle and Houlton down to Kittery. People who shop with SNAP/EBT receive matching bonus bucks for every dollar they spend with SNAP, which effectively doubles the value of their SNAP benefits. The bonus bucks can only be spent on fresh fruits and vegetables at the markets. The program has been proven to help fight food insecurity, improve people’s health, and give people in poverty the dignity to shop at the farmers’ markets for the food options they prefer. 

The sponsorship from Arcadia will strengthen the program across the state. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rising demand for the program. Many markets have been strapped for resources to fundraise and recruit volunteers during the pandemic. Arcadia’s $15,000 sponsorship will help ensure that the program can continue to serve the more than 5,000 households that depend on it for nutrition and food security. . 

Arcadia’s mission around energy inclusion and expanding access to the benefits of solar power aligns with the Maine Harvest Bucks program’s core values. Since it launched in 2014, Arcadia has connected with utility customers in every state to provide easy access to clean energy resources. Today, Arcadia manages 4.5 terawatt-hours of residential energy demand and is the largest manager of residential community solar subscribers in the US. In 2019, the Maine legislature passed a community solar bill to increase access to solar for everyone, regardless of the type of home they live in. In March 2021, Arcadia announced four new community solar projects for Maine residents as it entered the market for the first time.

Community solar programs like Maine’s provide residents, especially those who don’t own their homes, many of the same benefits as installing solar panels on their roof — without any installation, change in utility company, or extra cost to sign up. When Maine residents sign up for Arcadia’s community solar program, they will join a local solar farm. When the solar farm generates electricity, residents will receive credits back on their bills, and local homes and businesses will receive clean renewable energy. For a limited time, Maine residents can also get $50 toward their power bills when they join a community solar farm through Arcadia at

“Arcadia’s sponsorship helps keep our program strong for the 2021 season. There are a lot of funding uncertainties for our program, and the pandemic has amplified this challenge. This generous sponsorship means we can stay focused on helping families, seniors, and others in need access more healthy food.” says Jimmy DeBiasi, who manages the Maine Harvest Bucks program at the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets (MFFM). 

Maine Harvest Bucks is funded by multiple sources, including local foundations, federal grants, farmers’ market partners, and local businesses. MFFM seeks sponsorship and foundation support every year to keep the program fully funded. 

Customers shopping with SNAP/EBT can visit to find the full list of participating markets. 

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