Maine Farmers’ Market Convention 2011

Organized by the Down East Business Alliance

Overview of the 2011 Event
The 2011 Maine Farmers’ Market Convention in Belfast January 28 and 29 was a huge success with more than 100 farmers, market managers, vendors and other participants coming from all over the state. Presenters came from as far away as Florida and municipal officials from as far away as Madawaska. Legislators also attended to talk with their constituents in the farming sector.

Video of the 2011 Keynote address  Keep or go?
This is the keynote address at the 2011 Maine Farmers’ Market Conference which was held on January 28, 2011 at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast. In this address Kelly Verel who is an expert in public spaces shares some ideas on how to have a successful market, but these ideas have a much broader influence to all kinds of public spaces.

Photo of the 2011 Conference are here.  Add pics or no?

2011 Speakers
For a full list of speakers for all conventions and their bios, visit Convention Speakers.  
Amy Carrington
Craig Freshley
Cristina Sandolo
Dan Price
Deb Burwell
Deborah Chadbourne
Elizabeth Sprague
Enid Wonnacott
Gray Harris
Greg Warren
Jane Haskell
John Barnstein
John Harker
John Jemison
Joshua Torrence
Judy Blaisdell
Karen Sparrow
Kelly Verel
Lexie Watson
Mark Guzzi
Monique Bouchard
Paul Volkhausen
Roxanne Elfin
Sarah Smith
Sharon Yeago

2011 Participant Comments
What they said about the 2011 Maine Farmers’ Market Convention:
“I thought the conference was one of the best I have attended in ages. I won’t miss another one! ” – Susan Watson, USDA
“Excellent conference. I wish more farmers from our Ellsworth market were here. ” – Paul Volckhausen
“Liked the conversation with people who have the same experiences and problems we have. ” – Ramona Snell
“The Good Kettle lunches were super! Thanks to all for a wonderful convention; certainly worth the trip from the county! ” – Gayle C. Maynard
“EBT info was great and pointed out the need for consistent, clear, streamlined ways to implement it statewide. Food safety continues to be confusing (sampling, etc). LOVED the future of Maine Ag forum. ” – Michele Roy
“I go to lots of workshops – Farmer to Farmer, MOFGA NP Conference – which are great but this conference was TERRIFIC because I could/can take actual info and use it tomorrow on my farm, at my farm market. Thank you for a great and informative conference. I look forward to next year. ” – Kathy Coleman
“This was a wonderful conference. The focus group brought a lot of positive energy into a very small room and showcased the optimism of Maine farmers regarding the future of Maine agriculture. The conflict resolution session was especially helpful. Recognizing HOW you react to a conflict goes a long way towards helping learn how to resolve it. Really appreciated everything running on time.” – Anonymous
“Thanks for all you do! ” – Sherie Blumenthal

Handouts from the workshops
Handouts from the workshops are not available from the 2011 Convention.