Maine Farmers’ Market Convention 2012

Organized by the Down East Business Alliance

Overview of the 2012 Event
We had a great convention January 27 & 28, 2012 at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport, with more markets represented than ever!
MFMC culminated in the first Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets’ annual meeting. During this meeting, MFFM elected a Board of Directors and introduced their first staff member. Please visit them here for more information.

2012 Speakers
For a full list of speakers for all conventions and their bios, visit Convention Speakers.
Amy Carrington
Bonnie Rukin
Craig Freshley
Dave Colson
Deb Burwell
Diane Eggert
Greg Warren
Gretchen Henn
Jay Friedlander
John Harker
Mark Guzzi
Mary Yurlina
Monique Bouchard
Nada Haddad
Ned Porter
Suzanne Briggs
Tanya Swain
Tracy Weber

There are no photos available for the 2012 Convention.

2012 Participant Comments
“So thankful I chose to come learn, converse and broaden my horizons at this conference. Can’t wait until next year.” – Robin Howson
“I have come to the convention every year. Getting the chance to meet and interact with other vendors and managers, get ideas for making the market better, connect with our community better, and deal with managment issues has strengthened our markets ten-fold!” – Janet Weaver
“Every year I learn something to take back to my market to implement.” – Jack McAdam
“I got very specific info that I will take to vendors at our annual meeting – info that will inform my meeting, the selectman, and Town Manager next week!” – Rebecca Yonan
“The convention has given me knowledge and skills that will be immediately useful to day-to-day and long-term operations of my market. I made connections at the convention that will improve my business.” – Kelsey Harrington

2012 Handouts & Materials Presented
Winter Markets – Tanya Swain
Social Networking – Monique Bouchard
Communicating with Your Customers – Diane Eggert
Food Safety – Michael Crush
Food Safety – Nada Haddad
Truth in Advertising – Mary Yurlina
Insurance – Greg Warren
Insurance 2 – Greg Warren
Sample Small Farm Policy
Farmers’ Market Innovations – Jay Friedlander
Managing Conflict 1 – Craig Freshley
Managing Conflict 2 – Craig Freshley (2, 3 and 4 were duplicates of the same pdf)
Managing Conflict 3 – Craig Freshley
Managing Conflict 4 – Craig Freshley
Bookkeeping for Agribusiness II – Gretchen Henn
Bookkeeping for Agribusiness I – Gretchen Henn
Slow Money Maine – Bonnie Rukin

Sponsors of the 2012 convention were:
Maine Dept of Agriculture, Bingham Program, Stonewall Kitchen
Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Harraseeket Inn, Bank of America