Maine Farmers’ Market Convention 2010

Organized by the Down East Business Alliance

Overview of the 2010 Event

The 2nd Annual Maine Farmers’ Market Convention took place at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast, Maine on January 29 and 30. One of the most popular workshops was New Farmers’ Market Regulations with Ned Porter, Deputy Commissioner for the Maine Department of Agriculture, and Rep. Wendy Pieh, who are working with the legislature on revision of the definition of farmers’ markets. Feedback from the group will go back to Augusta for consideration in the crafting of that legislation.

Our dynamic speakers included Enid Wonnacott, Dick Dyer, Cheryl Wixson, Shannon Haines, John Piotti and others from all over the state of Maine. Workshop topics included Connecting with Community, Market Menu Creation, Individual Marketing Material Review, Marketing Strategies, Seasonal Eating and more.

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2010 Speakers
For full bios on convention speakers, visit Convention Speakers.
Amy Vaughn
Barbara Brady
Cheryl Wixson
Chris Roberts
Deb Burwell
Dick Dyer
Enid Wonnacott
Jane Haskell
Jim McConnon
John Harker
Melissa White Pillsbury
Monique Bouchard
Ned Porter
Rep. John Piotti
Rep. Wendy Pieh
Ron Beard
Shannon Haynes
Tessa Burpee

2010 Participant Comments
What they said about the 2010 Maine Farmers’ Market Convention:
“This is a worthwhile conference that should continue.” – Ted Carter
“Thank you for the opportunity to interact with Ned Porter and Wendy Pieh on the farmers’ market legislation topic. That was excellent.” – Clayton Carter
“Wow, I am walking away with so much info. Thank you. Thank you.” – Wes Marble
“I have much more ‘big picture’ info that I feel will empower me as a local foods advocate.” – Erica Buswell
“This was a productive and energizing experience. Thanks for feeding us so well.” – Sarah Lincoln-Harrison
“The convention opened my eyes on the total picture approach and gave me clearer vision on how it can be integrated into the community.” – Ellen Gawler
“Overall, the conference was stimulating and made me start thinking about new ideas for my market.” – Ellen Johnson
“This event was extremely informative, collaborative, and a “much needed” tool for every farmers’ market and producer. Great job Down East Business Alliance.” – Dennis Blaisdell
“Very well organized with good info.” – Kevin Leavitt
“Very grateful to have the opportunity to gather to give feedback on proposed changes to the Farms’ Market Bill. …New sense of cooperation among those of us who attended from Camden and Belfast markets.” – Sandra Spinney
“Delicious and abundant food. Nice location.” – Nancy Chandler

Workshop Handouts
There are no workshop handouts available from this Convention.