How to become a SNAP-authorized retailer

CAUTION – MFFM encourages all markets to find a local fiscal partner, incorporated with an EIN, to register for SNAP on behalf of the market. Do not put your name and social security number on a SNAP application without first understanding the tax implications. Learn more here.

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Marketlink is an organization that helps farmers and farmers’ markets sign up to accept SNAP and access free SNAP processing equipment. 

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RESOURCE: Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing this application for farmers’ markets. CLICK HERE

Run a farm stand? Click here to read about eligibility requirements.

Documentation required:

Below are the various documents and details needed to complete the SNAP retailer authorization process. There are 4 distinct entity types detailed here and each requires different documentation.

Government Owned/Operated/Sponsored:
1. Copy of IRS Tax Exemption for the city/town.
2. City/town official to sign the application/reauthorization.
3. Letter from the city/town that they are operating the farmers market.
4. We like a Photo id (driver’s license) of that city official but it isn’t mandatory.

501(C)3 Federal Non-profit Organization:
1. Ex Director or Corporate officer of the Non-profit must sign the application or re-authorization
2. Copy of the IRS 501(C)3 Determination Letter.
3. Photo id (driver’s license)
4. Letter from the Non-profit organization stating they are the operator/sponsor of the market.

Other Non-profit Organization (state filing) and/or privately owned/operated:
1. Application must be signed by the organization or owner or corporate officer.
2. Photo ID and SSN verification are required.
3. Some verification they are the responsible party for the market.

Markets that are a loose association of farmers that have a market manager only running the market for them:
1. Application signed by the market manager.
2. Photo id and SSN verification
3. A letter from the market manager stating he/she is running the market. It must be signed but a few of the vendors for verification.

Want to go apply for an FNS# (to accept SNAP) without any outside support? Apply for a Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) number from the USDA to become a SNAP-authorized retailer. Your market will need certain documentation in order to complete the application. Review the detailed list of necessary documents above and then click here to learn more and view the application. There is no cost to get an FNS # and no harm is done if you apply but then are not able to launch a SNAP program right away.

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