How to host a conference call

It’s easy to hold meetings even when it isn’t in person!

Conference calls are a great free tool for market managers to use in connecting with market membership. Below are easy steps for figuring out how to host a conference call, along with additional resources to be a skilled facilitator on the call.

Here’s a list of free conference call services to choose from. has been having difficulties with audio lately. Do your research and see what platforms have best quality.


  1. Sign up via a free service, like (sign up takes less than a minute!)
  2. Share your conference line information (Phone Number and Meeting ID) with market membership.
  3. First, dial the phone number, to access the server.
  4. When prompted, enter your meeting ID (usually 9 digits), then press # to continue.
  5. If you’re not the host, you should be on the call after entering the meeting ID.
  6. If you’re the host, then you’ll press * to enter your host PIN. This is not required.


Hold a smaller conference first call so officers can walk through the process.

Is the audio a bit weird? Ask people on the call to mute their phones, and un-mute when they wish to talk.

Designate a facilitator for the call, and have them freshen up on their roles.