Snapshot Week Press Release Template for Markets

Download this document as a PDF: Snapshot Week Press Release Template for Markets


For Immediate Release:

Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week at the [insert market name]

[Your city/town], ME: The [insert town] Farmers’ Market is preparing to celebrate Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week on [insert day], August [insert date]. Snapshot Week, developed by the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets (MFFM), is a statewide effort to celebrate peak season during National Farmers’ Market Week (August 6-12, 2017) and to capture a “snapshot” of a week in the life of Maine’s farmers’ markets. Join us at [insert market location] from [insert hours] on the [insert date] to celebrate what our market means to you and your community!

Snapshot Week in [insert town] will include [insert list of special activities, such as Common Ground Fair ticket giveaway, live music, kids’ programs, special contests, etc.]. We hope you will come out to shop and help us tell the story of the market – your market – through photos, shared memories, special events, and surveys. [insert quote from market manager/vendor re: why Snapshot Week is exciting and important for the market]

The [insert market name] was founded in [insert year] and now features [insert number] vendors. Products available include [insert list of products highlighting unique items]. The market also offers [if relevant insert services available at market such as regular cooking demonstrations or knife sharpening]. [insert sentence about access programs such as “many vendors accept WIC”, “the market serves as a pick-up site for Senior Farm Shares” or “via the market information both, customers can shop with SNAP benefits and receive Maine Harvest Bucks bonuses for fruits and vegetables.”]

Midway through a beautiful summer, our market is excited to take part in a statewide event celebrating Maine’s farmers’ markets, and we welcome area residents to join us! Market farming in Maine dates back centuries, and the [your market name] is proud to be part of this long tradition. If you haven’t experienced Maine’s farmers’ markets recently, now is the time!

To learn more about Snapshot Week at the [insert market name], contact:

[insert market contact information, including name, phone, email, website, etc.]