How to use Bumper Crop

I have Bumper Crop Vouchers, Now What!? 

Congrats on receiving Bumper Crop Market Vouchers! Please treat these vouchers like cash, because they have cash value! You can spend the vouchers on food items at any participating farmers’ market. 

Buying local food with Bumper Crop vouchers gives you access to healthy local food grown by Maine farmers and food producers. Farmers’ markets are the best place to get fresh, healthy food. Your purchases at farmers’ markets support the local economy and contribute to a vibrant local food system. Learn more about local food and farmers’ markets on this page. 

Does your employer know about Bumper Crop!? Have them sign up to give away market vouchers to their employees. Click here for more info!

How do I use the Bumper Crop Vouchers? 

Use these vouchers by going to any participating farmers’ market and spending them directly with the farmers or food vendors. Most of the major farmers’ markets in Maine participate in Bumper Crop, and many smaller markets do, too. Check our participating markets page and make sure the market you’re visiting accepts Bumper Crop. 

Your vouchers are likely green or orange. If it’s green, all food items are fair game, including bread, poultry, eggs, jams, muffins, fish, etc. etc. If the vouchers are orange, then they can only be spent with farmers on fruits and vegetables. 

They’re only in $5 increments…. Do I get change? 

Farmers cannot give you cash change for your $5 vouchers. Please try to spend them in $5 increments. You can always use your own cash or credit card to cover the remaining expense. 

A few other things to keep in mind:

Your vouchers likely have an expiration date in the lower left-corner. Make sure you spend your vouchers before they expire! 

Smart shoppers often bring along some cash or a credit card, too, since they may find more to buy than their Bumper Crop will cover.

You are welcome to spend your vouchers at more than one farmers’ market. You don’t have to use them all at one market or all at one vendor.

If this is your first time at a farmers’ market, congratulations! Farmers’ markets are a great place to connect to your community and access the best food that you can find in Maine.