EBT Equipment Fee Reimbursement

(Updated 11/1/2021)

Farmers and farmers’ markets that accept SNAP and operate EBT equipment can get certain monthly equipment fees reimbursed by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Here’s a chart of what fees DHHS will reimburse your market for:

Here’s how to submit reimbursement requests to Maine DHHS:

  1. On a quarterly basis, farmers’ markets that are seeking reimbursements should send in their monthly billing statements for the quarter.  On your statement, you should highlight the fees you are seeking reimbursement for.

  2. Forms may be submitted in the following manners:

    1. Scanned and emailed to [email protected]

    2. U.S. mail to the below address:

      EBT Services
      109 Capitol St, SHS #11
      Augusta, ME 04333

  1. The dates these must be received by the DHHS office are below:

    • Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar) April 30

    • Quarter 2 (Apr-Jun) July 31

    • Quarter 3 (Jul-Sep) October 31

    • Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec) January 31

  2. On the first business day following the due date, DHHS will submit the fees to Conduent to process.  They will then pay the farmers markets via EFT to the bank account they have on file* based on the market’s FNS number.

*if you think this information needs to be updated, include your bank account # and routing # in your communications with the State contacts listed above.