Glenn Stevens Shourds

Glenn was born, raised and spent most of his life on the Ohio River Valley in the southern tip of Indiana. He grew up on a dairy farm and was the youngest of four kids, but when he turned 18 his parents sold the herd. He’s done many things in his life including construction and ministry, but farming’s deep in his veins and came back to it even after he said he’d never milk again. Glenn and his family started sustainable agricultural practices in Indiana, but since it was a big ag state, they found themselves running into the ground. They tried selling through CSA’s, Farmer’s Markets, and on the farm, but when they moved from selling just vegetables and meat to try to do dairy as well, they realized it would be nearly impossible to do that there. So in the fall of 2018, they found a farm and moved 1200 miles to near Bowdoinham Maine where they established a dairy and were soon licensed to make cheese. Glenn spent most of his life sharing his skills with others and using his knowledge to benefit them and not just himself. This is something he’s actively and constantly working on whether it be for large groups of people or just a couple who asked a simple question.