August 2021 Shopper Surveying

Surveys for your market’s shoppers!

Why surveys? Previously, these shopper surveys have helped individual markets and MFFM advocate for more support from local municipalities, sponsors, and state & federal grants. It’s valuable data that will help your market understand who you’re serving, their spending habits and preferences, and your market’s greater impact on its community. 

Want to add a question unique to your market? We can do that! Email MFFM – [email protected] – we can duplicate the survey and add a custom question for your market. This will involve creating a new link & QR Code.

Promote the survey the following ways:

First, print out the graphic below and display it at your market. Shoppers can easily access the survey via the QR Code.

This page will help you promote the survey at your market!
Print this page, or download and print the PDF below.

Survey Link – Click here

Be sure to spread the word about the survey. We encourage your market and its vendors to share this survey multiple times throughout August via:

  • Your FB/IG pages,
  • Your e-newsletter, and 
  • At market through a simple QR Code
  • Any other creative ways you can spread the word! 

If your market is not registered to accept Bumper Crop gift vouchers yet, you can easily sign up and learn more through these pages

Share the graphics and messages below to help attract shoppers to your market’s survey.

Graphics (use these on your social media pages!)

Messages (template messaging for you to share on social media)

Can you spare 3 minutes for our farmers’ market? Take this shopper survey to help us understand the needs and habits of our shoppers. You’ll be helping our market and the whole Maine farmers’ market community. 1 in 5 survey-takers win $10 gift vouchers to use at our market.

Love our market? Take a survey and enter into a raffle to win a gift voucher to shop here! 1 in 5 survey-takers win $10 gift vouchers to use at our market. Your participation helps our market better serve our community in the future.

We love learning more about our shoppers. Please consider taking this shopper survey so we can better understand our market’s impact. It takes 3 minutes and helps us a whole lot!

Our market is pretty good at bringing you all loads of fresh, delicious Maine food. However, sometimes we’re a bit too busy to learn from our wonderful shoppers. By taking our shopper survey, you’re helping our market better understand who we’re serving and our impact on our community. Please spare 3 minutes and help us out!