Whether your goal is to reach farmers or food-loving shoppers, we have many opportunities to connect! The Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets runs statewide programs that help sustain Maine farms, connect market farmers, strengthen farmers’ markets, and widen access to locally-grown food for all.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, MFFM works in every region of the state, with high-visibility projects in urban and rural communities alike. Here are some numbers for context:

  • There are about 100 summer farmers’ markets in Maine, and more than 30 winter markets. The average size is 16 vendors, but there are a number of markets with 30-40 vendors, too.
  • USDA research has shown that farmers who sell directly to consumers at farmers’ markets and farm stands are 10% more likely to stay in business over the course of 5 years. If you value Maine’s rolling farmland and green vistas, supporting farmers’ markets is one way to preserve Maine’s agricultural heritage and natural landscape.
  • Mainers who shop at farmers’ markets are passionate.  They love their farmers, they love food, they love music, and they love the community atmosphere of the markets. About 30% shop at a farmers’ market weekly, year round. When surveyed, shoppers often speak of the community feeling at their market, and how they love doing business in an environment where people know each other’s names.
  • MFFM regularly reaches more than 9000 followers across it’s social media platforms. When our markets share messages too, the effect is amplified.

Major sponsorship opportunities ($4000-$5000):

  • Annual report – Each winter, MFFM publishes a 20 page book full of photos, data, stories, and information about all of Maine’s farmers’ markets. The book is distributed widely, with 3000 copies shared to farmers’ markets, local and state leaders, food-based organizations, consumers, and the media. (The entire 7 x 9 inch back cover is available to share a sponsor’s message, and the book may also include a letter from the sponsor in the content pages.)
  • Maine Farmers’ Market Trail – This color map features descriptions of select farmers’ markets, free outdoor activities nearby, and original artwork. The maps are distributed at visitor centers, hotels and inns, markets, and many other locations year round. (Typically 5000 are distributed every 2-3 months. The back cover of the print map and some space inside is available to promote a sponsor.)
  • Summer farmers’ market guidebook – In spring 2019, MFFM will be publishing its first annual print listing of all the farmers’ markets, with descriptions, recipes, shopping tips, and more.  (The guide will be 16 pages long, with the inside cover available to a sponsor, as well as additional spaces in the content pages. We anticipate distributing 6000 copies.)

High visibility sponsorship opportunities ($1500-$3000):

  • Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week – This annual event takes place each August, with approximately 50 markets and 1200 shoppers involved. Participating markets receive packets of supplies, which will be branded with sponsor information. Sponsor will be recognized in all related social media posts
  • Winter farmers’ market directory – This brochure is distributed from November through March each year. The design is flexible, and may be arranged to suit the promotional needs of a sponsor.
  • Nutrition incentive programming – MFFM operates several programs designed to help vulnerable Mainers access locally grown fruits and vegetables. Our largest program is Maine Harvest Bucks, which doubles the buying power of SNAP shoppers at farmers’ markets. We also operate a program for veterans, and one for young families using the WIC program. A sponsor may choose a particular community to support implementation of the project, or may support the work at the statewide level.

Flexible sponsorship opportunities ($500-$2000):

  • Trainings and workshops for farmers – Each winter, MFFM offers an annual convention and a winter workshop series. Being a sponsor at the convention or other trainings means you’ll be building a stronger farmers’ market network while heightening awareness about your company in the process.  A variety of sponsorship options are available—let us help you figure out the best way to get noticed (Participation in these events ranges from 10 for small workshops to 175 for the annual convention. Sponsorship opportunities in this category are diverse, and benefits include social media recognition,
  • Selling Outdoors newsletter – MFFM publishes a regular e-newsletter called Selling Outdoors. Sponsors can ad content or advertisements. (Readership is approximately 1500 farmers, vendors, and market managers.)