What to do if a vendor is infected with Covid-19

There are simple, clear guidelines from Maine CDC on how to proceed with employees who test positive for Covid-19. Maine farmers’ markets can apply these instructions for how to handle a vendor who tests positive.

Read This: Simple 1-page graphic from Maine CDC: What should I do if my employee tests positive

Adopt this: Vendor Agreement Addendum. The addendum is a helpful tool for getting all of your farmers’ market vendors on the same page and holding them accountable. The addendum requires all vendors to follow the best practices (from US CDC) if they are in close contact an infected person, displaying symptoms, or have tested positive for Covid-19. (Note – this document was slightly edited from its original version, provided by Penn State Extension)

In general, when someone does test Covid-19 positive then that individual gets assigned a case investigator from Maine CDC to help navigate who the close-contact are and obtain a list so that the contact tracing team can notify them. Only close-contacts are needed to be notified that they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. If needed the case investigator may contact you, or the individual in-charge that day to clarify a close-contact list of who the individual may have been with 6ft of for 15 minutes or more, within a 24-hour period. If someone meets that definition of close-contact then they would need to complete the 14-day quarantine.

Close contact = within 6 feet for 15 total minutes or more in a 24 hour period

Source: Maine CDC

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