Photos of Market and Vendor Best Practices – Covid-19 Response

Maine farmers are adaptive people. In the face of the novel coronavirus, farmers’ market vendors are updating their practices every week to fall in line with the latest science and guidelines from the CDC. MFFM will be compiling and updating the best practices via photos on this page.

Tables as barriers turned to maintain 6 foot distance. Joy, from Wise Acres Farm, with face mask on. This vendor is now ONLY doing pre-orders.
– Bangor Farmers’ Market
ALL products are pre-bagged. No selling products loose by the pound.
Good market signage and good location, right in front of where a shopper would enter.
Barriers! Bath FM put up a green line to keep shoppers on one side and vendors on the other. Notice how far back the produce is.

Info Booth is for SNAP/EBT Only during pandemic. No table cloth for easy cleaning. The tokens that are given out were quarantined for the previous week to ensure no virus has survived on it.
Shoppers waiting to shop at Goranson Farm and maintaining 6 feet of distance.
– Portland Farmers’ Market
Kelsey, from Goranson Farm, wearing a face covering. The farm put up a plexi-glass barrier at their check out booth. Hand-sanitizer and card reader box available for shopper. Bucket for cash deposit is on the right.
Vendors and shoppers have face covers on. Vendor booth layout is set up with table at front as barrier. Shoppers don’t enter under the tent.
A heavy, wind-proof cash bucket. Shoppers deposit cash or check in here. Farmers use clean, quarantined bills to provide change to the shopper. This cash bucket also makes a good maple sap bucket when it’s not collecting cash!