Face Coverings Are Required at Farmers’ Markets

Please help keep our farmers and shoppers safe and wear a face covering while shopping at the farmers’ market.

Per CDC guidelines, and Governor Janet Mills Executive Order #55, farmers’ market vendors and customers are required to wear cloth face coverings unless an individual has a medical exemption.


In addition to the provisions set forth in Executive Order 49 §V, cloth face coverings shall be worn at large gatherings, including those held outside. Each place of business accessible to the public shall, as soon as reasonably practicable and not later than June 5, 2020, post readily visible signs notifying customers of the requirement to wear cloth face coverings in that setting. Such businesses may deny entry or service to a person who is not wearing a covering and is not otherwise exempt from the requirement to do so.

Executive order #55 FY 19/20 – OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOr