Black Lives Matter – In Solidarity

The Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets (MFFM) stands unified with the Black community, Black Lives Matter, and all people of color. We recognize that there is an enduring legacy of racism, white supremacy, and white privilege in this country and in Maine. White communities, and white-led organizations like ours, must actively engage in expanding the dialogue, holding our leaders accountable, and pushing for meaningful reform and systemic change. MFFM can no longer remain silent on racial justice if we wish to fulfill our mission of cultivating a truly vibrant and sustainable farmers’ market community in Maine. Justice in our food system is intrinsically linked to racial justice. There is much work to be done.    

To that end, we call on all members of the farmers’ market community — including shoppers, farmers, volunteers, and market managers — to support this critically important and growing movement towards racial justice. 

As a first step for our organization, MFFM will make a donation to a Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) led organization working to further racial justice in our food system and in Maine. We will highlight this organization’s work in a future post. We will also extend our social media and newsletter platform to promote other organizations working on the front lines of racial justice and food systems.

We recognize these efforts are a small first step. Persistent involvement is necessary for any meaningful change towards racial justice. MFFM Board members and staff are exploring ways to support communities of color and to encourage partners in our state to do the same. We welcome input and participation from all farmers’ market community members in this process. Email to learn more.